A return to nature

Maeve's musings following the first adventure

Maeve and Aquila head toward the stream outside the tavern. She needs a moment to gather her composure before heading back to the tavern. She is grateful to have had time in battle-the familiar rush of calling forth spells, and yet she feels a sting of frustration and disappointment in their execution and poor Kelgar, she would never hurt him, ever. And that damn acid spell, what in the gods was going on there? Next time perhaps she will ask Voric to engage his fancy god to make the acid bountiful and splash aplenty…


Maeve’s thoughts turn to her new traveling companions…


VORIC: a most passionate servant of his god…she did enjoy engaging him in conversation with questions in regard to his fanaticism. More of these conversations will be welcome. The devotion to his god, and her necromancy could prove to be quite explosive, OR they could go hand and hand in some wicked way? The god of bounty blessing the elements of death, life and regeneration…And the food! Dear god or by Allegos (as Voric reminds us constantly) has awakened every elf fiber of her being- something that does not occur easily. She could become very accustomed to enjoying the delicacies of his culinary skills. While daydreaming of more sweet treats, she is skeptical though of devoting all the control and outcome of ones fate to a deity…Maeve prefers magic through and through. Ah magic…her mind races to her spells and she remembers the look Leslie threw her way-it registered as disgust and fear in her mind, and her countenance reflects anger. ‘What does he know anyway, a simple thief on the run?’


Leslie: As much as she would rather ignore it, Maeve recognizes the skills Leslie possess. Quiet, quick and deadly, not to mention he carries a good strategic wit. He handled the goblins with ease, and maneuvered through the crypt with keen awareness. A valuable companion that is true, however, there is just something that seems “off” with his motives. We still have no idea where he has come from, and why he is answering Sir Edon’s advertisement. He seems very interested in people, stories, backgrounds. This is something she will gladly withhold from him for now. Kelgar seems to work well with him though, and if she trusts anyone it is Kelgar.


Kelgar: Maeve gives thanks for her traveling companion.  She wonders what Kelgar thinks about joining Ser Edon’s order. She is content to be of help, and continue deepening her magic and proving that Necromancy and the dark arts have their place. She is a bit hesitant though in “belonging” to someone or an institution. She must discuss this with Kelgar. He is the only one that she does not have to fear, give any explanation or justification about anything. He lets her be all the parts of who she is-plain and simple. They have been traveling together for about a year; he and his deathly Betsy have never failed her. He stands in the place of family, as she never really knew her own people. Kelgar, as massive, deadly and tough outwardly, does have a soft side deep within- every now and then Maeve catches a glimpse of this and she feels content, safe. This brings about her often hidden smile.


Enough of this reflective time, she and Aquila need to move forward as they wait for the next gathering from Ser Edon. There is also the business of the tree living and uprooting the Tavern. She will take care of that, and make sure Leslie is watching, he needs to see the power of Necromancy, and how needed it is in this world, and the fact that she is indeed proficient in her arts. People have such a tainted view of death and life. She knows that nothing is permanent, and that is a beautiful thing. Perhaps, this will give an even greater audience and for once she might be appreciated…then again that has proven to be disastrous before. She keeps her ego guarded along with her heart, she has hope, and yet hates that hope runs through her like a double edged sword. 


Maeve will also go to find the mages guilds and offer services in the next town over. She has heard they need wizards and spell casters to fill vials of simple spells. This is a perfect fit for Maeve to make some easy coin, practice her arts and become known for her aptitude and skill. And, she might be able to keep a few vials here and there to pass along to her companions. She will keep her eyes and ears open, for when among wizards you can hear the most interesting of tales, gossip, and news.



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