Ser Edon

Previous Leader of the Chevaliers de Camleon




Ser Edon, former Knight Commander of the Chevaliers de Camleon. The Chevaliers de Camleon was an order of knights, which pledged their allegiance to the people of Camleon. They fought against all that stood against the people and their holdings. The knights had always been a small, but respected order within the area for the past two hundred years. Recently, after King Reginald the kind, and his black guard, the burning Lilly came into power the Knights had been forced to separate. King Reginald accused the various knights of crimes against the people ranging from theft, to murder and even rape. In a “trial” that was more public spectacle a group of witnesses were brought out to accuse one of the knights. At the end of which he was torn of his armor, and publicly executed on the spot. Ser Edon and the others then went into hiding.

Ser Edon

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