A return to nature

Kohen the Tanner

Kohen looked up from his tools and his meager hides in which he has been forced to work with over the past years.  He longed for the day, long past, when he could work with the large hides of cattle.  Now, there was a hide.  The leather workers could make whatever their little minds and hearts could come up with using his fine, large pieces.  Now, they just complained that they only had small pieces to work with…  That they had to stitch pieces together to make things and since the materials weren’t all uniform in color they couldn’t create anything of beauty.  “Do you see any beauty in this land?” Kohen muttered to himself.  Although times have been tough, as the preachers would always say, “When one door closes another will open.”

Kohen, having worked long into the night, as was usual, put his tools back into the small box beside his work bench.  He knew that the tools needed to be sharpened again, but he would wait until morning to put that task off again.  Kohen walked out of the small cramped workspace and set off to the main building where he slept.  Tomorrow he would walk around Niska again as he typically did.  A time to see the goings on in town and see if he could find more work.  As he passed the pile of hooves, horns and other associated niceties, unwanted by the butcher and himself. He heard the cooing of the carrier bird.  This one was gray with a few feathers missing from its right wing.  Wide eyed and talkative for so late at night, it must have heard something off in the distance.  Rather than losing another bird to predators at night Kohen decided to attach the note now.  He opened the shutter to the simple case and placed the small note into a holder which had been affixed to the bird’s foot.

Kohen, holding the bird and feeling how light and delicate it was remembered a more simple time.  A time of bounty and happiness.  Feeling the cold breeze coming off the stream running off the back of the property he held the bird high and let it go.  The bird flapped once, squawked, and landed a few feet in front of him.  Feeling the heat of anger welling up from his stomach Kohen yelled and ran at the bird.  Squawking and flapping wildly the bird took to the air and flew off into the darkness.  Muttering to himself Kohen looked up the road and saw something he was not used to seeing at this hour.  A man, tall and broad of shoulder shuffling down the road towards him with a noticeable limp.



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